You have just moved into the house of your dreams. It has every amenity you could ever wish for. It contains a walk-in closet designed just for you, every light switch is functional and in the right place, and you have the perfect amount of guest rooms for the holidays. You can finally entertain company in a way you’ve never been able to before. You begin to move your old furniture into your beautiful new home, but you soon realize that it’s missing something. Your old furniture pales in comparison to the splendor of your dream home, and you realize you need a new design.

This was the exact dilemma of faithful Amish Elegance customer, Kim Ross. An avid entertainer with a constant revolving door of family and friends as guests, she realized she needed more custom furniture in her new home to support her busy life. She began to slowly fill her home with custom Amish Elegance furniture, and it transformed into the gorgeous, cozy, tasteful oasis it is today. Allow us to take you on a virtual tour of the Ross home, so you can see for yourself how our furniture can change your home.

The Kitchen

Our first stop in the Ross home is the kitchen and dining room. This is the open-concept space where the couple first fell in love with the Amish Elegance style. Kim’s husband noticed that their new home didn’t have enough seating options for his wife and her friends during their bunco games. Kim is an avid bunco player and hosts games with her loved ones regularly. He began to search for an early Valentine’s Day present for his wife and settled on a gorgeous dining room table. Thus, a relationship with Amish Elegance was born.

The piece is a custom double pedestal dining room table, made of quarter-sawn white oak. It is 10 feet in length, with a solid inch and a half top, made with ridge hen (hand)-planed and distressed top.  It sits majestically in their dining room, and now provides Kim and her husband with plenty of space to eat and entertain.

The Ross household also contains a beautiful bar counter. Amish Elegance supplied the finishing touches on this section of the kitchen by creating beautiful walnut Urban Wave barstools. Both of these pieces finish their kitchen beautifully, making their gathering space warm and inviting.

Bedrooms Galore

Guest Bedrooms

As you might guess, the Ross household is constantly full. Whether it’s grown children coming to stay, or friends stopping in for a visit, their bedrooms are consistently in use. The Ross couple needed furniture that would be able to support the wear and tear of daily life, while also keeping up the sophisticated and cozy atmosphere of their home.

The two guest bedrooms in the front of their home contain some of Amish Elegance’s most popular pieces. The couple chose the tasteful brown Asbury stain of the “Ellie’s Bedroom” set for the first bedroom. They saw this set on the floor of the Amish Elegance showroom and knew they had to have it. It contains a gorgeous brown maple queen size bed featuring a tall headboard that stands proudly alongside two matching nightstands that are brimming with storage opportunities.

Another favorite among Amish Elegance patrons decorates the second of their two guest bedrooms. This set contains a smooth mix of walnut and cherry woods and includes a queen size bedframe, two side tables, and a custom mission-style console table that was designed to maximize storage all while maintaining adequate floor space.  It is a beautiful addition to the Ross home and has the unique ability to fit perfectly into any bedroom setting.

Master Bedroom

Stepping into the master bedroom of the Ross household will simply take your breath away. Standing grandly in the center of the room is the appropriately named “Impressive Bed”. This bed frame is made of rustic cherry wood and is upholstered with one of Amish Elegance’s specialty performance fabrics. This makes it the perfect spot for the Ross couple to read or watch television together.

Alongside the “Impressive Bed” are two custom-made nightstands that fit the couple’s needs perfectly. Kim’s husband requires a c-pap machine to sleep, so Amish Elegance outfitted his nightstand with a secret compartment that comfortably fits his equipment. The top of the cherry nightstand simply slides forward to reveal the added storage space!

The Home Office

Our final stop on the virtual tour of the Ross household is their gorgeously crafted home office. This room contains a fine rough-sawn maple desk with an inch and a half “barn floor” top. “Barn floor” refers to the distressing pattern that decorates the top of the desk. The chair that sits behind the rustic desk is a finely crafted, Amish leather swivel chair. A matching credenza also occupies the room.

In the corner of the room, a truly artistic piece of furniture glows. A beautiful bookcase, made of quarter-sawn white oak holds shelves full of their favorite books. Each shelf is covered in a cherry red and caramel stained glass that compliments both the piece and the surrounding room perfectly. The design of this space makes a cozy home office for the Ross couple and completes the rustic feel of the area.

Complete Your Home with Amish Elegance

We hope you have enjoyed your virtual tour of the Ross home. As we walk through their house, we find finely crafted, inspired pieces everywhere. Whether it’s the rustic oak dining room table or the stained-glass bookcase, it feels as if every piece in their home has a special place and meaning. Since the Rosses added a lot to the design process of their home, each custom piece has a story behind it, and all the furniture works cohesively to create the loving atmosphere of the Ross home.

If any of the pieces that you’ve seen on our tour today seem as though they may fit in your home, or if you have any questions about what Amish Elegance can create for you, visit our website or our showroom at 613 N. Campbell Station Road in Knoxville, Tennessee!