The Amish have been perfecting their woodworking craft for centuries. Though they are known for their simplistic way of life, the Amish have created a style of carpentry that is uniquely complex and reliably beautiful. This centuries-old practice grew in popularity during the American Modernist movement in the late 1920s when folk art was fashionable. The clean lines and simple cuts of the furniture made it a popular choice for homes across the country and gave the Amish community a new source of income.

Our designers at Amish Elegance realize that some people may not be aware of the long list of benefits that are included in buying Amish furniture. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best reasons to buy from us or Amish sources in your area.

Amish Furniture is Built to Last

One of the most important qualities to look for in a piece of furniture is longevity. Furniture sets are not inexpensive, so ensuring that your pieces will continually thrive in your space is key. When buying Amish-made furniture, you can be sure that your furniture will be built to last.

Mass-produced furniture is often built with cheap materials and artificial chemicals that can cause your bedframe or bookcase to fall apart soon after purchasing. In contrast, Amish furniture is built with solid wood and has the finest finishes that have been specifically crafted for your piece. Amish Elegance provides a wide selection of pure, all-American hardwoods, whereas most mass-produced furniture is made of a conglomerate of different woods, resulting in particle board. Particle board and other materials like it lack durability. The choice of materials ensures a strong and durable piece of furniture. Additionally, because each piece is handcrafted and carefully fitted together, you will end up with furniture that is sure to endure the wear and tear of daily life.

Amish Furniture is an Eco-Friendly Furniture Choice!

As we mentioned above, all Amish-made furniture is made with all-natural materials. The Amish way of life prevents their materials from being sourced any other way. Each piece of lumber used in the creation of wooden furniture is specifically selected and used in its entirety, leading to a distinct lack of waste. In addition, all the lumber used in furniture production is harvested sustainably, which prevents deforestation.

While mass-produced furniture companies must utilize energy consuming, pollution creating factories to keep up with high demands of orders, Amish-made furniture is hand-crafted and utilizes no electricity. All “power tools” utilized by the Amish use only sustainable forms of energy, such as hydraulics and pneumatics. They also refrain from using the dangerous chemicals that are often used in finishes and sealants. The dangerous chemicals used in mass-produced furniture can be released into your home when the piece is brought inside. When purchasing furniture from Amish Elegance, you can be sure that it is nearly impossible for this to happen, since our finish is created to be “hazardous air pollutant” free. This leads to healthier families and a happier planet.

Timeless Furniture Design

We all know that furniture trends tend to come and go. Take a look at your grandmother’s living room and you’ll be able to tell. But because the craft of Amish-made furniture has been passed down for centuries, its distinctive look seems to transcend the usual furniture trends. It is mostly composed of simple lines and perfect shapes that are sure to always compliment your space.

Amish-style furniture has a distinctive design all its own. There are several different styles that exist within the genre. The Mission style includes exposed joinery and the simple clean lines that are often associated with Amish furniture. Other styles include the Shaker, which is known for its durability and functionality, and the Queen Anne, which is the most ornate of all the styles. Oftentimes, the Amish utilize nature themes within their work, making each piece a unique piece of art that is sure to fit your space perfectly.

Amish Furniture is All American

The first Amish settlers established themselves in the 1600s when a group of Anabaptist Christians in Switzerland broke off from their central church. After creating a separate belief system, they immigrated to Pennsylvania where they could settle in towns that were far removed from the modern world. This new settlement placed high values on tradition, self-sufficiency, and interpersonal relationships. These values are still held in high esteem today and influence the work that they do. Most of the Amish today are located in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but Tennessee has a very strong community as well.

In the US today, many of our most popular products are made overseas. This is a costly process, both monetarily and environmentally. By buying American-made products, we can cut down on the amount of pollution created. In addition, buying products made in America ensures a certain quality that remains unmatched by the production of other countries. The shorter transport distance also means that there is less possibility of damage. Supporting hand-made craftsmanship is also great for our economy, since it supports small businesses.

75% of Americans prefer American-made products, and supporting the Amish community is a great way to contribute to our national economy.

Amish Elegance: The Most Unique Shopping Experience in the Region

At Amish Elegance, your shopping experience is our highest priority. We make sure that the atmosphere of our store promotes beauty and honesty, and that you never feel pressured to make a quick decision about something as valuable as the furniture that populates your home. We also want you to receive the most durable, distinctive pieces to utilize in your bedroom, living room, or dining room. The furniture displayed in our showroom is incredibly high quality and shows off the gorgeous, generations-old, craftsmanship of the Amish community. If our ready-made pieces aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, we also can create furniture that is custom-designed to fit your space.

If you’ve been looking for that perfect piece, and want something unique and beautiful, Amish Elegance is the place for you. Visit our website for a broad overview of what we have to offer or come visit our showroom at 613 N. Campbell Station Road in West Knoxville. We’re ready to welcome you to a whole new furniture shopping experience!