When you hear the word “Amish,” what do you immediately think of? Is it long bearded men sitting at the reigns of a horse and buggy? A woman churning butter? Log cabins and farms? There are certainly some key features of this community that are immediately recognizable to us, but none of them apply to their woodworking skills and furniture. However, these skills are often overlooked or rather overshadowed by these pre-existing notions of Amish life. Let’s dive into the world of Amish furniture and debunk some of the common misconceptions many have around Amish furniture.

Amish Furniture Myths

Amish Furniture Old Fashioned

Because the Amish do not use any modern technology, one might assume their style of furniture hasn’t been updated either. While it’s true that Amish craftsmen do use traditional methods of woodworking, their products are just as modern and sophisticated as your other preferred furniture brands. The difference? The quality of the final product. At Amish Elegance, we believe that the word “Amish” refers to a standard of furniture, not a style. And it’s a standard that you will immediately see when you come to visit our store gallery.

There Only One Style of Amish Furniture

For those who love to fill their home with unique furniture pieces, the concept of Amish furniture may bring about initial doubts since many people falsely assume that this community can only build one style of furniture that doesn’t fit more modern aesthetics. However, the beauty of Amish Elegance is that we work as a go-between for you and our artisanal Amish craftsmen to help you create the perfect custom furniture piece that will fit your home both in size and aesthetic. So, if you want less of a traditional style of furniture for your home without having to sacrifice your demands for quality, Amish furniture is the perfect choice for you.

Amish Furniture All Built out of the Same Kind of Wood

As we’ve mentioned before, the beauty of Amish furniture is that it is incredibly customizable. Just because these craftsmen don’t use modern techniques for building furniture doesn’t mean that they lack the same resources other furniture makers have. Our consultants understand and appreciate how truly unique Amish furniture is, and you will see it, too, when you have your first meeting with us. There are a variety of wood types, stains, and finishes our craftsmen have available for you so the options for customization are endless. And on our website, you can visualize your dream furniture piece by looking through our design center’s catalog of American wood and wood stains that our Amish craftsmen could use to make your perfect, modern furniture piece.

You Have to Buy Directly from Amish Artisans to get ‘Amish Style’ Furniture

Another common misconception many have about Amish furniture is that many believe the style of these pieces can be replicated and found anywhere. However, just because you can find a furniture maker that can replicate the style of Amish furniture does not mean that the furniture was Amish built. When you buy from Amish elegance, you are receiving a handcrafted, unique piece of furniture that was built by families—not factories. Therefore, no two pieces are the same, even if you buy the same piece twice. These artisans practice a woodworking technique that creates a high-quality product that will last forever, but it is also time-consuming which means no factory can quickly replicate it. So, if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind piece for your home, Amish Elegance should be first on your list of places to look.

Amish Furniture a Fad Style Not Built to Last

Why do we have hundreds of five-star reviews from our clients? Because the quality of Amish furniture is first-rate and matched by our excellent customer service. Unlike other furniture makers that are concerned with the latest fads in interior design and getting out a product that matches them before the trend dies out, Amish furniture is in fact built to last. We always tell our clients, half-jokingly, that it will be the last piece of furniture they’ll ever have to buy because the quality lasts for more than a lifetime. Other customers rave about how “the quality and workmanship was superior to anything they had seen,” and look forward to passing the furniture down to their children and grandchildren, showing that these pieces of Amish furniture are not just simple items from a collection—but unique pieces that can hold a family legacy.

High Quality Fine Furniture from Amish Elegance

As you can see, Amish furniture has expanded far beyond light stains and “old-fashioned” builds out of oak, and if you still aren’t fully sold, come see for yourself at Amish Elegance of Knoxville. Our modern showroom features gorgeous collections for every part of your home and are all enhanced with stunning lighting, artwork, and home décor. And if you are interested in having your own custom-built piece of Amish furniture, no problem. Fill out a quote with us on our website to get the process started, or browse our beautiful catalog and order your first piece of a lifetime today.