Whether you’re newly furnishing or redecorating your space, Amish furniture is the perfect tasteful addition to any home. Though it’s known for its impressive durability and gorgeous craftsmanship, preserving Amish furniture in your home requires careful attention. The all-natural woods used in Amish craftsmanship, as well as the custom varnishes, can be easily damaged so before purchasing Amish furniture, it’s always smart to research how best to take care of your pieces. Our team at Amish Elegance wants to give you all of the resources possible to ensure that your furniture looks good-as-new for generations to come. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the dos and don’ts of solid wood Amish furniture care just for you!

Best Practices for the Care of Handcrafted Furniture

Remove Dust During Routine Cleanings:

No matter how clean your house is, dust, unfortunately, is still a natural part of life. During your weekly (or bi/tri-weekly, we don’t judge) sprucing of your home, make sure to wipe all dust you see off your Amish furniture. If not removed correctly, the dust particles can leave small scratches on the wood. Simply utilize a cloth dampened with furniture polish or a mild detergent to avoid damage to the wood.

Be Conscious of Humidity on Handcrafted Furniture:

If possible, it is best for wooden furniture to be kept at a humidity level of 40%-45%. Because wood is a natural product, humidity can cause wood to expand and contract. This can be seen best at the center of tables where leaves are normally placed. Though minimal gapping is not dangerous for your furniture, it is best to use a humidifier in the winter months and a dehumidifier or air conditioning in the summer to avoid excess humidity.

 Clean Your Fine Furniture Carefully:

We get it, family life can be a little messy. In addition to the simple dusting process, wiping up spills and cleaning your wooden furniture regularly is best to ensure its long life. If spills and stains sit for too long on your wooden furniture, it can stain, scar, or otherwise damage your wood. The best approach to cleaning off your furniture is to wet a cloth with water and diluted soap or detergent and wipe with the grain of the wood.

For your deeper cleaning needs, you can protect your wooden furniture with furniture polish. Let it sit on your furniture for a few minutes before carefully buffing it out with a microfiber cloth. Polish can protect the wood against further scratching, as well as give it a glossy shine. The team at Amish Elegance recommends ARISTOSHEILD Protective Polish, which is available at our showroom. Only utilize polish a few times a year.

What to Avoid in Your Hardwood Furniture Care Routine

Though Amish furniture is incredibly durable solid wood, there are several careless errors that people can make after purchasing their furniture that greatly reduce its survival chances. Here’s what not to do:

DON’T Mix with Heat:

Extreme heat is not a friend to natural wooden furniture. Do not place hot items (ie. baking pans, hot coffee cups, or space heaters) directly on the surface of your furniture. This can leave rings or burns on the wood and forever mar the surface. In addition, placing your furniture near heating vents or wood-burning stoves can dry out your wood and cause it to crack.

DON’T Be Careless when Cleaning:

As we mentioned in our cleaning section above, always use soft microfiber cloths to wipe up spills or to spread polish. Never use paper towels, as they can scratch the surface of the wood, as well as leave residue that can stain. In addition, never use bleach, ammonia, or other harsh cleaners on your wood. This can remove the topcoat and finish, leaving your wood entirely unprotected.

DON’T Leave Your Furniture in the Sun:

Be conscious of where you place your furniture in your home. Avoid spaces where your wooden furniture will be in contact with direct sunlight for long periods, as it can cause damage to both the finish and the wood.

DON’T Slide Items Across Solid Wood:

If possible, try not to slide or push items across the surface of your furniture. This can cause scratching and damage to the topcoat and finish. Coasters and placemats are also highly recommended for additional protection of your furniture.

DON’T Let Insects In:

Some of the most dangerous enemies to your fine Amish furniture are insects like termites and wood beetles. Though they can be difficult to avoid sometimes, make sure that you follow all the EPA guidelines to keep them at bay. Spray for them regularly.

Taking care of your solid wood furniture is a simple way to ensure that your furniture stays looking beautiful and unique for years to come.

Shop at Amish Elegance for All of Your Handcrafted, Fine Furniture Needs

Obviously, the care and upkeep of our furniture are of the utmost importance. Though quality Amish furniture is known to stand the test of time, these helpful tips can ensure the pristine survival of your furniture for years to come. Here at Amish Elegance, we strive to make your furniture shopping experience incredibly helpful and unique. With our knowledgeable staff and creative designers, you are guaranteed to find something perfect to fit into whatever space you wish to furnish.

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