Working from home has become more and more popular since the Covid-19 pandemic—and it’s here to stay. 40.7 million American professionals will be fully remote in the next five years. When the pandemic first started, professionals were working from their couches, kitchen tables, and even beds. Now that more companies are trending towards long-term work from home options for their employees, professionals are challenged to create their own more permanent work-from-home space in their home. However, not all home offices are created equal, and if you’re still working from furniture that doesn’t suit all your wants and needs, or from spaces that aren’t dedicated to your work, it may be time to consider a change as the impacts of working from the kitchen table can be more detrimental than you might realize.

Your WFH design influences your behavior

A recent study from Stanford University showed that only 49% of American workers log in remotely from a dedicated room, while the remaining 51% are working either from their bedroom or a communal area. How can that be healthy for life or the spine? Without boundaries within the work from home life, professionals blur the lines between work and family life. For example, the kitchen table that was once a place where the family or couples had dinner together now serves as a desk, and that “desk” is last place someone wants to sit for an evening meal after working there all day.

Office design impacts the way we feel, and having a separate space for work is important for work performance and overall health. This is true in a physical office or a home office. Having bad office ergonomics is linked to chronic pain, disabilities, and stress. Not taking the proper time to think through office design can have negative effects on a professionals’ physical well-being.

Design your WFH office for improved productivity

You know that clean desk feeling right when you start your day? It sets the day up for success and allows your mind to not be overwhelmed by stacks upon stacks on yesterday’s (and last week’s) piles of paperwork, to-do lists, and post-its. It doesn’t mean that those action items don’t exist, but they are organized in a way that isn’t overwhelming.

A well-designed work-from-home office feels open and energizing. It inspires professionals and creatives to think freely, and be more productive. To have a well-designed home office, a professional must have a designated space to work, a desk, and the proper organization to store all those stacks of paper in a systematic way.

Design your WFH office for reduced stress

It has been proven that color in the workplace alters mood and how professionals respond to stress. Biologist Edward Wilson found that humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature and other forms of life and hypothesized that in his book, Biophilia, in 1984. By using different natural elements such as solid woods, greenery, and home décor that is representative of nature, it has been shown to lower stress, enhance creativity, and improve well-being during the workday. This type of design is known as biophilic design.

Here are some other examples of how to incorporate biophilic design in your home office:

Design your WFH office for better well-being

If you’ve worked from the sofa for more than a day and are older than the age of 30, you will probably have a stiff back – or maybe we are getting old? Ergonomics matter and having a designated workspace isn’t just for looks, it does wonders for your spine. Stand-up desk attachments from Staples or Amazon are a cheap solution for the short-term; but if you’re working from home long-term, you will want something more aesthetically pleasing for your home office.

The ability to transition your traditional desk into a standing desk is important if you have back or neck pain. Sitting for a long period of time tightens your muscles and can hurt your lower back, especially if you have bad posture. You can also burn more calories and be 45% more productive in your day compared to professionals who only sit.

Fine furniture collections for your WFH office

At Amish Elegance, you can design our office furniture and collections to suit your every need and want in your work-from-home space. If you want a stand-up desk, we can customize a desk to rise electronically for you to relieve back or neck pain and increase your productivity.

Customization and design are what we specialize in at Amish Elegance! These are just a few of our office collections. Be sure to check out our website to see all our office furniture and don’t forget, if you have something in mind, we can design an office setting completely designed for you, by you with the help of our skilled design team.

Modern & Minimal: Adona Collection

The Adona Collection delivers 1″ thick standard or 1¼” live edge top and sleek metal sides for an industrial feel. We love the Adona Occasional Set that could be placed in the office in addition to the Adona Writing Table or Adona Open Desk for an extra seating option.

Focused & Graceful: Ensenada Office Collection

Whether catching up on household finances or working on a big project with a tight deadline, Ensenada office furniture inspires productivity. The Ensenda 2 Drawer File Cabinet is the most beautiful filing cabinet we have ever seen. Are we right or are we right?

Timeless & Intuitive: Covington Collection

The rounded posts with solid wood construction give a quality and lasting appeal for that executive or home office look. The Covington U-Shaped Desk with Hutch Topper is everything you need to keep your desk clear and organized for the “clean desk” feeling every morning.

Southern & Sophisticated: Colbran Office Collection

Dream. Plan. Communicate with the chaotic outside world. Inside, you’ll be working in a grounded, stress-free environment with the Colbran Collection. The Colbran 2 Drawer Desk would be the perfect solution for someone who works 3 days at home and 2 days in the office.

Design your dream WFH office at Amish Elegance in Knoxville

We believe well designed spaces with fine, handmade furniture impact professionals in big ways. In fact, our founder, Angie Carroll, believes beautiful surroundings and inspiring relationships lift the spirit and punctuate true happiness within. We couldn’t agree more – it’s why we help professionals, makers, and creatives design their home offices, or whatever space want to create, to suit their needs and wants in a fully customizable way. Every life is different. Every story is different, and design should reflect that. In addition to office furniture, our Amish Elegance Showroom features dining collections, bedroom suites, and cozy living room seating – all enhanced with stunning lighting, artwork, and home décor. Come visit us and experience for yourself why handmade, custom, fine furniture inspires great results.