Everyone’s interior design style is unique, and new trends emerge every year. Whether your Pinterest boards consist of modern farmhouse kitchens, traditional dining rooms, or minimalist living spaces, there is one thing that we all should consider when decorating our homes—the environment.

The health of our planet is threatened by air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and landfills overwhelmed with waste. Consumers can do their part to protect the environment by purchasing eco-friendly products, including sustainable furniture.

So, how do you know if furniture is eco-friendly? There are four factors to consider when looking for sustainable furniture—material, quality, manufacturing, and transportation. In this article we will discuss each factor and explain how we concluded that Amish furniture is the most eco-friendly furniture on the market.

Sustainable Materials

A sustainable product starts with sustainable materials. Sustainability is about using what you need without negatively impacting future generations. As a furniture buyer this means purchasing furniture made from materials that can be replenished.

Is Wooden Furniture Sustainable?

Wood is the obvious choice for sustainable furniture. Wood is a natural material that people have used since the beginning of time to construct useful things, including furniture. Wooden furniture can be sustainable because wood is not a finite resource, trees that are cut down can be replaced with new trees. However, the keyword here is “can”. Some furniture manufacturers, especially large corporations based overseas, do not bother to replant which leads to large-scale deforestation.

On the other hand, many furniture makers in the United States are making a conscious effort to harvest wood sustainably. By replanting to offset the wood they harvest, sustainable wooden furniture makers, such as the Amish, produce beautiful hardwood furniture without negatively impacting the environment. The Amish harvest their lumber in a particularly eco-friendly way. They selectively cut down trees and replant strategically to keep their forests healthy and growing. Harvesting trees without disturbing the environment’s natural habitat is a strong part of the Amish business culture.

Furniture that Lasts: Quality over Quantity

We’ve all heard about “fast fashion”. Discount furniture makers are following the same harmful trend. “Fast furniture” manufacturers create trendy furniture out of cheap materials such as particle board, laminate, plastic, and veneer. These pieces break every few years, consumers buy another low-quality piece, and waste accumulates in the landfill. “Fast furniture” is a vicious cycle that wreaks havoc on the environment.

Choosing quality furniture pieces benefits you and the environment. Purchasing a high-quality, sustainable piece of furniture will not only look better and perform better, but it will also save you money. Buying a $2,000 piece that will last a lifetime is a better financial choice than buying a $500 piece of furniture that you have to replace every few years.

Buy Heirloom Quality Furniture

Historically, quality furniture pieces were seen as an investment–something that you would have for your whole life and pass on to someone else. Buying heirloom quality furniture makes a positive impact on the environment that lasts generations. Passing down a dining table or other piece of furniture to your child or grandchild is both sentimental and sustainable. Amish furniture is expertly crafted, made from the highest quality materials, and available in timeless styles so it’s the obvious choice if you want to invest in an heirloom piece.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Nowadays, most consumer products, including furniture, are created in massive factories. Industrial manufacturing factories are a major source of pollution, accounting for 24% or greenhouse gas emissions in the United States according to the EPA.

Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing handmade furniture instead. Amish furniture is crafted completely by hand, generating absolutely zero pollution. As an added bonus, handmade furniture is visibly and structurally superior to most factory-made furniture.

Reduce Carbon Emissions from Shipping

When you purchase furniture manufactured overseas, it has to travel thousands of miles to reach you. The longer the journey, the greater the carbon footprint, so buying furniture that’s made in the USA is far more eco-friendly. Buy furniture made in the USA, or better yet, buy from local businesses to shorten the journey even more.

Amish furniture is made in America and sold across the country. Purchasing from a local seller of Amish furniture protects the environment and supports the American economy.

Shop Sustainable Furniture at Amish Elegance

When it comes to sustainable furniture, Amish Elegance checks all the boxes. In addition to being environmentally conscious, we have furniture in a wide range of styles. We even make custom furniture so you’ll never have to sacrifice style to be eco-friendly.

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