An heirloom is a valuable object that has belonged to a family for generations. Heirloom furniture can be passed down to you from a family member or you could buy heirloom quality furniture with plans to pass it down to your children in the future.  While heirloom might make you think of something old, at some point, every heirloom piece was new. Let’s look at the benefits of investing in heirloom furniture and how to find pieces that will last for years to come.

Benefits of Investing in Heirloom Quality Furniture 

First, let’s look at whys for investing in heirloom furniture including its durability, sustainability, cost effectiveness, and of course, sentimental value. 

Exceptional Quality and Durability 

There truly is something special about a quality, handcrafted piece of furniture. Much like fast fashion, fast furniture usually ends up not lasting due to its cheap materials and rushed manufacturing. Quality furniture is handcrafted by skilled artisans who pride themselves in their work. Heirloom furniture is made using superior materials and construction techniques that ensure resilience over time. 

Cost Effective 

While some people may think investing in high-quality furniture is too costly, it is quite the opposite. If you purchase cheap furniture that breaks or wears out every few years, you will end up paying more for replacements versus owning a piece that you can keep forever. In many cases, even if you plan to keep your heirloom furniture forever, you might even see your high-quality furniture appreciate in value.  


Likewise, by not replacing and trashing old furniture every few years, you are making a sustainable purchase by not contributing to landfills. Many heirloom pieces are made from wood, a natural material that can be re-grown. Furniture makers in the United States make a conscious effort to harvest their wood sustainably and replant trees to replace what is used to create a piece of furniture. Locally made furniture saves you money on shipping costs and shortens the journey from manufacture to delivery–decreasing the carbon footprint.  

Sentimental Value 

Like with any heirloom piece, there is sentimental value associated with it. Heirloom furniture, whether passed down or newer, is part of your family’s story. Is it your grandmother’s dining table where you ate holiday dinners? Did your father gift your mother a beautiful entryway bench where her children have dropped their gear for years? No matter how it made its way into your family tree, there are memories and stories wrapped up in it or there will be over time. Your family will love being able to pass down such special pieces to generations to come. 

How Do I Find Heirloom Quality Furniture? 

Now that you know a little more about the benefits of investing in heirloom furniture, let’s look at how to find furniture that’s worthy of heirloom status. The best heirloom furniture is handmade, unique, and features timeless designs. 

Unique and Handmade 

Quality handcrafted furniture is forever noticed in a home. If the piece of furniture is handmade, it will be unique. Knots, borers, and texture can vary in every piece of wood. The size, shape, and stain of end tables may be the same, but each has subtle differences that accent and complement your space. The qualities that make your furniture unique will also make excellent heirloom pieces. 

Wooden Furniture 

Often, heirloom furniture features all or some aspects of wood. Handmade wood furniture is made from solid hardwoods, such as oak, maple, cherry, or walnut. The strength and durability of these hardwoods ensures that they can withstand decades of routine use. Additionally, wood furniture can be stained or refinished allowing you to update it to coordinate with other décor. 

Choose Timeless Instead of Trendy 

While its individuality is what makes heirloom furniture special, you should avoid trendy designs that future generations may find undesirable. Heirloom furniture features classic designs that seamlessly integrate into various interior design styles, adapting to changing trends while maintaining its elegance. Whether you choose a classic mission, go with a timeless shaker, or customize your own unique design, you should seek out pieces that will always be in style. 

Form and Function 

Heirloom furniture is not just for show, it is functional too! These hand-crafted pieces can stand the test of time and be a fantastic addition for any room. Buffets are great in dining rooms for storing extra linens, dishes, and silverware. With a move to hybrid work options, imagine the wow factor of a solid wood desk in your office! This desk could be used for centuries in a family business or be passed to your children for homework after school. A rocker would make an excellent baby shower gift that your child or grandchild could enjoy and then pass onto their child one day. 

Amish Elegance Heirloom Furniture- A Great Investment 

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